Northern Michigan Pediatric Dentistry

A blast of kid-friendly colors from start to finish.


Idea & Concept

NMPD’s complex design called for a combination of applied painting, wall coverings, and graphics. The entire facility was masterfully designed and we wanted the finished project to bring that incredible design to reality.


We worked very closely with the staff and interior designers to ensure the paint, wall coverings, applied graphics, and overall appearance of the entire building was warm and welcoming – a place kids would actually enjoy visiting.

Building Ahead

The final product blew away everyone involved. Northern Michigan Pediatric Dentistry has a wonderful facility to match its wonderful staff!

About the Project

Atmosphere can be a very tricky thing to create.  Turning a pediatric dentist office into a warm and welcoming place for kids was quite the challenge.  K&A Commercial and Industrial Painting, LLC partnered with Rockford Construction and interior designers to find colors, wall coverings, and graphics to turn Northern Michigan Pediatric Dentistry into a place that kids actually enjoy visiting.  NMPD now has a fantastic facility to go with its outstanding staff.

  • CompanyNorthern Michigan Pediatric Dentistry
  • LocationTraverse City, MI
  • CompletedAugust, 2015
  • Construction PartnerRockford Construction

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