Commercial Painting

It's in our name. It's what we do. Big or small, K&A can deliver the highest quality paint on all of your surfaces to make your construction project look amazing for years to come.

Sand Blasting

Do you have a restoration project that is covered in old paint or finish? Our expert team of sand blasters can prepare any surface quickly and safely.

Transparent Finishes

Wood has incredible natural beauty. We can not only protect that beauty but make it a fitting part of the finished appeal.

Industrial Painting

Industrial paint jobs can have lengthy and complicated preparations and require application across very large surfaces. We have the equipment and expertise to handle all of your industrial painting needs.

Wall Covering

When your project requires texture, graphics, or other complex wall coverings, K&A knows how to apply the coverings and make your walls look amazing.


Different metals require different treatments so you can best protect your investment. We know how to coat a wide range of metals to make any project look great and last as long as possible.